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What kind of asshole are you? | A different kind of marketing


What kind of asshole are you?

Michael Ferranti used to be a chef in Paris and worked with a lot of, um, different kinds of managers. Love this kind of blog because you can see managerial styles and learn from them.

He told me one of his bosses used to grab him by the ear and shake him when he made a mistake. Hmmm, never had a boss do that!

Anyway, Loic Le Meur you should meet Michael. He knows the restaurant scene in Paris even better than you do (and knows where Guy Savoy eats on his evenings off). Plus, he started Mailgun by Rackspace so knows the next 10 years of email pretty well. (LeWeb's theme this year in December is "The Next 10 Years." Now you know why I named one of my Flipboard magazines that).