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The best traffic app gets gassed up

Waze - Drive Social is a traffic app. You know, a map system. But why do we need it when we have Google Maps, the new Apple maps, Nokia maps, Bing maps, and other systems to get around? Well, Waze uses all of us to make the system better. You can report accidents to others. Let everyone know about hazards, or cops, but now they added a cool feature that can actually save you money. What is it? They show you gas prices on the map and even made a deal with a ton of US gas stations to save Waze'rs money. Get it at http://www.waze.com/ Here Di-Ann Eisnor gives me a demo while driving around Half Moon Bay.

Because the crowd can update the info, these gas prices are more accurate than the industry databases, which often lag behind the actual price in the stores.