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The incredible entrepreneurial story of BorrowLenses.com

The +Google+ Photographer's Conference is today in San Francisco. So, to prepare, I visited +BorrowLenses.com where +Jim Goldstein gave us a great tour. We walked through row-after-row of expensive camera lenses, bodies, video equipment, and more -- all that you can rent from your Web browser -- they ship anywhere in the United States. Did you know that BorrowLenses.com now has a big warehouse of camera and video equipment that it rents out everyday? We see inside their San Carlos, CA-based venture, but then we meet one of the co-founders, Max Shevyakov, who tells us about starting the company with some credit cards out of their house. No venture capital and it's an incredible story. Borrow your lenses from anywhere in the United States at http://www.borrowlenses.com/ Thanks Jim for the fun tour and a look behind this Google+ favorite business!