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Check out this Silicon Valley pressure cooker: A mansion full of entrepreneurs

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http://blackbox.vc/ Put a dozen entrepreneurs in a Atherton, CA mansion and you get a real pressure cooker that's getting tons of interest. The day I was there Tim Draper, famous VC, dropped by, and here we drop in on an evening party they were holding to raise money for Hacker Dojo. In this hour you'll meet the founder of the mansion, plus most of the companies that were there in April 2012.

The guy who houses hundreds of startups: Plug and Play's Saeed Amidi

He owns the building where Google and Paypal got their starts. In his many locations around the world you'll find hundreds of startups (in the Sunnyvale headquarters alone there are more than 200 startups). It's rare that you get to spend more than an hour with a guy like this who has invested in, and advises, so many startups. He explains how Silicon Valley works and gives entrepreneurs many tips. Learn more at http://www.plugandplaytechcenter.com/