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Nivio lets you access Windows from anywhere, even your iPad

Published #windows, #ipad, #android, #tablet, #device, #OS, #office, #microsoft

http://us.nivio.com iPads and Android tablets are getting more popular, but you still might want to run Windows on yours to get access to a corporate app, or something else like Office that you need to use. Here I get a look at this cool technology that lets you do just that.

Developers: crowd-source your testing of Android phones

http://applover.me/ is a new service that helps developers test and get info about making their apps work on Android's many different devices. If you are a mobile developer, will you use this?

Way over the freaky line (but very cool) is PlaceMe, journaling app

Published #location, #move, #iphone, #android, #journal, #app

Everyone I've shown this app to today (it came out last week) says "that's freaky." What does it do? It captures a ton of data on your phone as you move through the world. Right now it keeps a list of places. But here I sit down with founder Sam Liang for a discussion about just what data it captures, how that data could be used, and how he's going to get people to cross the freaky line. This is the future folks and, it, is, indeed, freaky. Learn more at https://www.placemeapp.com/placeme/ It's a free Android or iPhone app.