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Subscribers: here's why you can't comment on my posts (I get dozens of people begging to be friends so they can comment, and here's my answer).

I was getting so many nonsense comments that I changed my commenting settings to "friend of friend." In other words, to comment here you have to be a friend of one of my friends. I have 3,300. So, your goal, today, is to figure out how to get someone to friend you that's already a friend of mine. Here's some tips:

1. Turn off your privacy so they can see who you are. I never friend people if I can't see who they are and what they post. Those of you who turned on all your privacy make it extra difficult to get interested in you.

2. Write a note to them explaining why you'd like to be friends and what THEY will get out of it. "Hey, Joe Smith, I really like what you write about your entrepreneurial exploits and I love your products, I'd like to be your friend. I promise to tell you how I use your product and take a photo once in a while so you can see how a real customer is using your stuff.

3. Make sure your feed has lots of stuff that'd be interesting to them. For instance, when I look at a Facebook Timeline and it only has cat photos I never friend that person. I don't like cats. I don't like looking at cat photos. So why would I friend that person. Remember, on Facebook "friending" means that I want to see your stuff on my feed. So, make your feed more interesting.

4. I must admit that I take friend requests far more seriously if Facebook tells me we have a ton of friends in common. So make more friends with people in that person's network first.

5. Make sure your timeline is built out. Look at mine at https://facebook.com/robertscoble -- I have 5,000 likes, lots of photos, lots of friends, thousands of subscribers, and a full set of career and other information. That makes it more likely that people will accept my friend request, since they can see who I am, who my family is, what kind of politics and religion they should expect, and all my posts are totally public so that everyone can get a sense of what I write about and care about.

6. Protect your reputation. If you start leaving crappy comments, or trolling, or spamming people's posts they will unfriend you and so will I (I protect my comments and reputation by making sure that my friends are never assholes or spammers -- after all, if I friend you you can now comment on lots of executive's posts, including Mark Zuckerberg's. I don't want to receive a call saying "why are you friends with so and so because they are really making my life difficult."

Make sense?

Sorry, I'm not going to turn off the "friend of friend" rule. Before I turned that on I was getting thousands of crappy comments and when I turned it on that problem disappeared instantly.

Thanks, and sorry that I can't friend everyone who wants me to (Facebook has a limit of 5,000 and I'm very picky about who I friend).