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Rackspace's Startup Liaison Officer

Should Foursquare's Founder Help Company Morale by Using Foursquare Less?


I'm using Foursquare less and less and caring whether I'm a mayor or something like that less and less every month (if I ever cared all that much before).

It's sad, because I really love Foursquare for the tips.

That said, Foursquare is actively pissing me off. I think Dennis Crowley SHOULD keep using it more and more (if your CEO isn't the most active user of your product you SHOULD worry!) But, Dennis didn't take automatic checkin seriously enough and he's now being matched by very big companies like Yelp, Google, and even Facebook. He hasn't pushed the app forward enough fast enough and THAT is what the employees should be bitching about. Not whether he is on too many vacations or such. Heck, that could be chalked up to market research IF Dennis pushed the product forward harder.

At this point, though, not sure what I'd do. If I did I'd start a company. I don't, I just am a lowly user and I've noticed my user behavior has moved to other systems. That's what the employees should worry about.