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Rackspace's Startup Liaison Officer

Robert Scoble - Google+ - Hey, +Vic Gundotra, you should check out Umoove: face and…


Will Apple ship Umoove's face and eye tracking? This stuff blows away what Samsung put in the Galaxy S4.

Thanks to Hillel Fuld who hooked me up. He's been telling me for months that I better see this. It's amazing, must watch.

Oh, and I shot this video on my Google Glass. I'll have a more "pro" video up soon so you can compare Glass to a professional camcorder that cost me $4,000. I think Glass comes in very well.

This video will be a family treasure of mine. It captures the moment where my three-year-old son sees the future for the first time: eye and face tracking is going to make TONS of apps better. Mike McCue think about how you'd use this in Flipboard!

Marc Andreessen you should invest in this company.