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Montana Medical Marijuana Provider Chris Williams to be Sentenced Today in Federal Court


What does it mean to be an American?

This pisses me off a lot more than anything the NSA is doing.

Our culture and society are broken. In a whole lot of ways.

I've been thinking a LOT about what it means to be an American lately. Are we free? Really free? No. Not when people are getting sent to jail for five years for, um, selling a plant to other people. Think about that for a moment. Selling a plant.

Sigh. Makes me want to buy a Pax Vaporizer. Speaking of which, a TON of entrepreneurs have been talking to me about Pax but few want to be public about what a cool startup Ploom is. At concerts in Silicon Valley you see these all over the place. It's one of those things no one likes talking about because of America's screwed up beliefs and attitudes about drugs.

Hey: privacy folks, this is how you should be framing the problem of letting the NSA have pretty unfettered power to spy on us.

Let's be honest, the NSA got the power to spy based on the good intentions of stopping terrorists, but we all know what they are gonna do with that power along with drones, etc. Come after the "stoners."

And I've seen up close and personal what marijuana does for cancer patients. I'm sure medical marijuana cards are being misused, but it DOES help many people medically.

The next civil rights movement is this.

Do we want to really be free? Let's start right here.