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Lots of smart people are meeting up in Sebastapol right now at Tim O'Reilly's #foocamp. I've been to three of them, couldn't make it this year (nice way of saying I didn't get an invite) and they are always interesting but they always cause this interesting mix of interesting news, conversations, along with a good dose of jealousy.

That said, I'm typing to you from 35,000 feet after being in NY for the week, hanging out at Techstars and betaworks. So, I think I have come out ahead this week so far.

I really owe my current life to Tim O'Reilly. After inviting me a couple of years he didn't invite me back. I vowed to get even and to live a foocamp life every day of my life. This week is definitely that way. So thanks to Tim and team for the inspiration. By the way, we're having a foocamp in the plane, talking about the future of book publishing with Atif Rafiq, who is the General Manager of Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing team.

So, take that Tim. Foocamp isn't a weekend at all, it's a state of mind. Or a conversation at 35,000 feet with all of you.

By the way, if you are at FooCamp, post a comment here so we can follow you, friend you, and all that. I know that over on Twitter if you search for #FooCamp you'll find lots of smart people to follow.