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Rackspace's Startup Liaison Officer

I still remember the first day I met Aaron Levie,...


I still remember the first day I met Aaron Levie, CEO of Box.net. I thought "this guy is gonna get fired fast." Why? He was a goofball. Still is.

Last year I interviewed him in front of UC Berkeley Cal business students (another school that wouldn't let me in) and the conversation was one of my favorites. They finally got the video up, so the rest of you can share it.

I'll be back at the >play Digital Media Conference this year doing another fun interview.

The production quality on this isn't that great, but the conversation sure is.

play Conference 2012 closed the day with a fireside chat between leading blogger Robert Scoble and Box CEO Aaron Levie. Aaron Levie is the CEO and Co-Founder of Box, one of the fastest growing companies in enterprise software. Aaron is a tireless advocate of innovation and disruption in the technology industry.