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How Teens Are Really Using Facebook


Let me get this straight. Teens say Facebook has too much drama so they are using Instagram and Twitter instead.

Got it.

But Twitter and Instagram are defacto public networks. Because of that they are much easier to search and find stuff out that you've written or shot in the past.

Yeah, I can see how this will work out.

Personally, I get why the teens are attracted to Twitter and Instagram. You either are public or you are writing to one other person. No nuanced privacy settings.

A family member, who is a teacher, wrote a Facebook post that she thought was private to her friends. Only she didn't notice it was actually public. The settings here are too complex, the icons too small, and the social consequences too big.

Better to just have an "all public" system like Twitter or Instagram. At least there you don't have any expectation of privacy.

Less drama.

I take a different point of view: I only post publicly on Facebook too. That takes away the drama of trying to figure out how so and so saw a message I was hoping he or she didn't see.

Hey Patrick Scoble, what do you think about all this?