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Below MG Siegler talks about the new MacBook Pro and its really awesome screen. I'm up early this morning because I will be on Fox Business News TV to talk about all the Apple stuff, and now that I've had 24 hours to think about it, I'm now wondering if I will even buy another laptop at all. Here's my thinking, are you having the same thoughts? Why will you buy another traditional laptop?


Hey MG for me it's worse. My credit cards are full, waiting on some expense reports to get paid. I have bought too many gadgets this year. I can't afford to keep up with you Siegler anymore. I say that as I type into a $6,000 iMac system I bought, in part, because of your review (it's awesome).

Yesterday, as I sat in the 14th row at the Apple event I had both my iPad and my MacBook Air (also a fairly new machine, yet another $2,000) and I found I used my iPad to do all my coverage. Typing thousands of words.

Why? It was more comfortable to use and the built-in Verizon LTE was rocking and rolling.

My son, Patrick Scoble, is also about to head off to college. He has a brand new iPad too. I believe it's the only device he really will need at college. He argues that he needs a laptop, too. I told him to try to make do with the iPad.

I want to set him up for best success in his career (he's going for a history degree and has visions of wanting to be a school teacher). I believe that iPads (or their competitors from Windows 8, or Android) are going to be dramatically more useful in that field in the future than laptops will be. Already in yesterday's keynote we could see that to be true: the cool education apps demonstrated were all done on iPad.

But that new MacBook Pro is calling my name. I could give my MacBook Air to my son, and get it, after paying down my credit cards, but I'm wanting off of the "keep up with Siegler" train. Today I'm headed to yet another conference and am taking only my iPad with me. I'm not even a bit tempted to take my MacBook. Will that change if I had a really awesome high resolution screen? Probably not.

Will this be when I get off of the traditional laptop train and only buy touch-focused computing devices from now on? It sure could be, with Windows 8 right around the corner (I'm playing with that, but so far haven't seen any reason to trade in my iPad for one yet, but that's an argument for a future post).

I guess the industry has to make its case for why my son or I need anything more than an iPad. Keyboard? Nope, we can get that for the iPad now and yesterday I typed thousands of words on the iPad's glass screen and was pretty productive (people who say it's just a consumption device are starting to sound like idiots to me).

Apps like Photoshop, FinalCut Pro, or Illustrator? I'm using them less and less on the road and usually when I sit down to use those I'm using them on my full-blown iMac, which has 16GB of RAM and three monster huge screens (which have not been replaced by the really nice MacBook Pro's retina display).

Looking at my life and that of my coworkers I'm seeing less and less of a reason to stick with a traditional laptop.

You can see how Microsoft is going here, too. Microsoft SkyDrive program manager Omar Shahine yesterday wrote he can't see buying another machine that isn't touch enabled: https://www.facebook.com/omar.shahine/posts/10151181601291124

I see where he's going, since Windows 8 has a huge touch affordance (in other words it sucks on a machine that just has a traditional navigation system and where you can't touch the screen).

It's a position that resonates with me, even if Windows 8 doesn't. Well, it'll be an interesting summer. I'll see how long I can resist the siren song of that retina display!