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Rackspace's Startup Liaison Officer

Announcing Microsoft Ventures for startups to build, innovate and grow


Damn. Microsoft and Oracle finally get the importance of the cloud. Microsoft is getting the importance of startups.

Just after the next game has started (context).

Hey, Marc Benioff and Jeff Bezos you must be laughing your behinds off right now, huh? How does it feel to be given a 10 year headstart?

But this is all good. The new game is who has the best service? Who has the best vision? Who has the best strategy? Who has the most open and flexible systems to handle the future workloads? Who has the love of developers?

Even taking my employer Rackspace out of it I'd go with Amazon, Salesforce, or any of the folks who have been investing in cloud and startups for years before I go on someone who just got into cloud and startups in 2013.

Tomorrow I'll be at Paddy Cosgrave's Start Series in San Francisco. Now THAT is a guy who gets the future! See ya there: http://www.startseries.com/