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"We're friends on Facebook and we've never met,"...

"We're friends on Facebook and we've never met,"...

"We're friends on Facebook and we've never met," said Avish Bhama when he introduced himself when my son, Patrick Scoble and I were enjoying a latte at Coupa Cafe - Palo Alto. He then made a nice photo of us with my Glass. What a crazy world we live in where we can be "friends" without even meeting, huh?

Oh, and Coupa accepts Bitcoin.

I wonder, if we could time travel and go back in time 30 years would anyone be able to grok this conversation "in the future you will be able to buy coffee with bitcoin while talking to a friend you never have met, all while Google'ing him on your wearable computer, called Glass."

That's how I know we don't have time travelers amongst us. Imagine how our language will change in just the next 20 years.

We're just as clueless about the future today as we were 20 years ago.